Having a website isn’t enough. You need a digital content marketing ecosystem.

Having a well-designed responsive website isn’t enough. You need a content ecosystem.

A website alone isn’t enough in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. You need a digital content marketing ecosystem to capture your prospect’s attention in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

Your target market is an interconnected network of potential customers and your ability to influence each individual in that network at the right time is crucial. For this to happen, it’s increasingly critical to ensure that your brand, service, or product messages are in the right places to capture your prospect’s attention and turn them into customers.

When looking for a product or service, some people would go to a search engine like Google to find websites offering what they were looking for. Depending on the products or services, the first stop for other people might be a social media channel like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Or even an online magazine like The Oxford Magazine.

Google sees 3.5 billion searches each day. So it’s vital to have a website that is well-optimised for search. But on the same day, 5 billion videos will be watched on YouTube, and 2 billion searches will happen on Facebook. So, if all you have is a website or only a social media channel, you may only be reaching a proportion of your potential audience.

Today, if you’re going to compete and succeed as a brand, your digital marketing effort has to be about meeting and engaging with people where they are. In almost every case, that means building and maintaining your brand’s presence in multiple digital spaces with content tailored to those online environments and communities.

The moral of the story is that if you’re looking to succeed in digital marketing, a fancy website on its own just isn’t enough. You need a digital content marketing ecosystem to reach, attract and engage your prospects across multiple channels. It can be a lot to manage and keep up with, but luckily, we’re here to help!