Website Strategy & Analysis

Laying the foundations for a great website.

We rarely meet a client who doesn't have objectives for their business or brand. By asking the right questions and listening, our website strategy experts will work with you to clearly articulate how your website can support those objectives.

Then use data and analytics to help ensure there's no disparity between what you think and what actually happens, to help you consistently make informed decisions, and to help pinpoint opportunities that will deliver a return on your digital investment for their business.

Website Strategy and Analysis Services

How we help clients

User Personas

Understanding your customers or target audience.

We explore the demands, motives, feelings, behaviours and desires of your target audiences to develop an understanding of how and why they choose to engage with brands and businesses. Then we convert this understanding into opportunities to better connect your website with your target audience.

Information Architecture

Organising website information and functionality.

We use an evidence based approach to creating the information architecture for your website. One that ensures the structure of the website, the layout of each page, and the features included (and excluded) on the website better supports converting your target audience into engaged customers.

User Experience (UX)

Creating a well-designed user experience.

Using ethnographic research and advanced data analysis, we help our clients to radically rethink their website interfaces and to imagine a simpler, better, and more delightful user experience that delivers a return on investment for brands and businesses.

Digital Roadmap

Shaping an effective and coherent development plan.

We work with clients to build a digital road map for their website by answering questions such as: How should my website evolve over time? Is it better for the website to evolve in many small steps or a few big ones? How can I better use my website to support my evolving aims and objectives?

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  2. Users or target audience
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  4. Success criteria
  5. Budget
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If you’d like a more detailed and comprehensive guide to writing a WordPress brief, we have an excellent one here: How to write a WordPress project brief

Top questions about website strategy

How should I prepare for website strategy meetings?

You don’t have to do any preparation at all! But it can be handy if you’ve given some thought to the following:

  • Your business – who you are, where you’ve come from, where you’re heading, what you do and the way in which you do it.
  • Your current and potential clients – who they are, what drives them, what they’re looking for, what concerns they have.
  • Your competitors – comparing what you do/how you do it with the approach of other, similar businesses.
  • Your objectives - The purpose of your website, the impact you want it to have on your brand or business.

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