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A website that goes beyond just looking good.

WordPress website design encompasses more than just good looks, it also needs to help you achieve your goals. With our time tried and tested web design processes, we'll work with you to design a website that can help you realise your business or brand objectives.

WordPress Web Design by Oxford Digital

How we help clients

Digital Roadmap

Shaping an effective and coherent development plan.

We work with clients to build a digital road map for their website by answering questions such as: How should my website evolve over time? Is it better for the website to evolve in many small steps or a few big ones? How can I better use my website to support my evolving aims and objectives?

User Personas

Understanding your customers or target audience.

We explore the demands, motives, feelings, behaviours and desires of your target audiences to develop an understanding of how and why they choose to engage with brands and businesses. Then we convert this understanding into opportunities to better connect your website with your target audience.

Information Architecture

Organising website information and functionality.

We use an evidence based approach to creating the information architecture for your website. One that ensures the structure of the website, the layout of each page, and the features included (and excluded) on the website better supports converting your target audience into engaged customers.

User Experience (UX)

Creating a well-designed user experience.

Using ethnographic research and advanced data analysis, we help our clients to radically rethink their website interfaces and to imagine a simpler, better, and more delightful user experience that delivers a return on investment for brands and businesses.

Website guidelines

Test, photography and film with the right aesthetic.

The content on your website is a critical factor in engaging your audience. It’s also important that it satisfies the needs of the search engines. We'll work with you to create guidelines for your website content - photography, film, and text - so it works in tandem with the website design and functionality to meet your objectives.

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Top questions about our WordPress Website Design services

What is your website design philosophy?

Design is a very subjective thing. Each site is different; every web designer has their own style. We strive to create website designs that are clean, professional and intuitive.

What if I can’t decide on a website design?

It’s important to ensure you’re 100% happy with the design direction before moving onto the development phase so we spend time discussing, reviewing and tweaking as necessary.

Do you provide design mock-ups?

Yes we can produce a rough design vision to show our concept for your website - as a basis for discussion and feedback - this is then developed into a full website design.

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