WordPress Website Optimisation

Bespoke WordPress websites that deliver results.

We all know nobody likes a slow website or one that feels clunky and out-dated. Let our WordPress website optimisation specialists help you fine-tune the performance of your website to keep in step with the expectations of your website visitors.

WordPress Website Optimisation by Oxford Digital

How we help clients

Analytics & Reporting

Helping you uncover what’s really happening on your website.

Tracking, measuring and analysing data from your website is important in order to make good choices about how to ensure your website continues to meet its objectives. We can help set up tracking on your website, and we can also help analyse and present the collected data in a really useful format.

Functional Performance Optimisation

Ensuring your website .

We use an evidence-based approach to fine-tune the functional performance of your website to ensure that the structure of the website, the features included (and excluded) on the website, and the layout of each page better supports you in realising your business objectives.

Competition Review

Uncovering where you stand versus the competition.

Using our analytical background and broad industry knowledge, we can help you create a gap analysis of your competitors and an assessment of the various ways to close the gap and to gain the edge on your competitors.

Speed Optimisation

Optimising your website for speed.

We cover everything required to improve the speed of your website like optimising code, layout, images, etc, removing unused assets, updating server policies and protocols, and eliminating unused or redundant resources. Every little does help.

Accessibility Optimisation

Making your website accessible to as many people as possible.

We help uncover things that might make your website difficult or impossible for some people to access or use and come up with pragmatic solutions on how to fix them. We then help you implement the fixes.

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Top questions about our WordPress Website Optimisation services

Is WordPress a Secure Content Management System?

Yes it is. WordPress has an unfair reputation for having poor security. It is an extremely popular Content Management System (CMS) powering almost 30% of the internet – including some very prominent websites – therefore any attack is destined to become big news.

Do you offer WordPress website support as a standalone services?

Yes we do.

Contact us with your website details. We’ll check it's secure, up to date and running smoothly. If it's not we’ll give you a list of what needs to be fixed along with a cost estimate. It's just like taking your car in for it's annual service.

Then based on your objectives and what you want covering, we’ll provide you with support and maintenance options (and prices) to choose from.

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